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The Rush RPA is a not-for-profit corporation formed under the laws of New York State, and a federal tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(3) of the US tax code. The Rush RPA works to preserve and protect green space in the town of Rush.

The Rush RPA is qualified to seek donations, hold fundraisers, and apply for a wide range of private and public grants. The Rush RPA also has members and volunteers who will work to establish and maintain public lands in Rush, including trails and walkways in the Rush Riverside Refuge. 

Rush RPA’s Mission

  • Preserve and protect park, recreational and natural land assets of the Town of Rush for the benefit of the public
  • Support responsible stewardship of park and recreational  properties of our town and neighboring towns
  • Save precious green space, forests, and farmland
  • Improve the quality of our air, streams, creeks, and wetlands, and the Genesee River
  • Engage in education, fundraising and grant development to promote and benefit parks and recreation

Rush RPA Board of Directors (all volunteer):

Marianne Rizzo, President

Janet Chaize, Vice-President and Treasurer

Carol Barnett, Secretary

Beth Hoak

Jack Mould

Paula Smith

Levels of Membership: 

Basic: $12

Contributing: $25

Friend: $50

Supporting: $100

Sustaining: $150

Patron: $200

Levels of Sponsorship 

Sponsors are businesses and non-profits, as well as individuals who wish to celebrate a person, promote an activity, or convey any other respectful message.

One Leaf:  $50

Two Leaf:  $100

Three Leaf:  $250

Four Leaf:  $500

Five Leaf:  $1,000 and above

Donations may be sent to: Rush RPA, ℅ Janet Chaize, Treasurer, 31 Bradford Rd., Pittsford, NY 14534 or make a donation online at

To stay posted (by bcc) about our activities and parks in Rush, email